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Guitar duo Siim Kartau & Sulo Kiivit

Siim Kartau & Sulo Kiivit started playing together as a guitar duo during Spring 2015. Throughout the first year of working together, they've played numerous concerts all over Estonia – including 4 dates at Fiesta de la Guitarra 2015. Their repertoiré includes music from a variety of different styles and periods. Music from composers such as: Manuel de Falla, Astor Piazzolla, Marcelo Coronel, Augustin Barrios-Mangoré, Paulo Bellinati, Carlo Domeniconi, Jown Dowlnd etc. Represented are also several modern Estonian composers, including René Eespere and Tõnu Kõrvits. As a duo they have taken part in masterclasses with several well know guitar players, such as Gerhard Reichenbach, Heiki Mätlik, Robert Staak, Per Pålsson and Jesper Sivebæk. They have also recorded several guitar videos and played live at the Estonian Classical Radio.



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Sulo Kiivit has studied classical guitar with Frederik Munk Larsen at the Royal Music Academy in Aarhus, Denmark, where he graduated with a Masters degree in 2014. In addition he has studied as an exchange student at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Sevilla, Spain with Antonio Duro. He has taken part in many masterclasses with well known guitarists, such as: Hopkinson Smith, Viggo Mangor, Marco Socias, Morten Skott, Alexander Vinitsky, Anastasia Bardina, Jügen Ruck, Petri Kumela, Luis Zea, Carlos Bonell, Heiki Mätlik, Nigel North, Pavel Steidl, Michael Tröster, Erling Möldrup and Alex Carrobe. He has also played many concerts all over Europe, both as classical and rhythmic musician. At the moment he works as a guitar teacher in and around Tallinn.

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Siim Kartau started his guitar studies in Otepää Music school in Peep Peterson´s guitar class. In 2005 he continued his studies in H. Elleri Tartu Music College. He graduated in 2013 with Bachelor's degree in Classical guitar from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with Heiki Mätlik. Siim has also studied as an exchange student in Conservatorio Superior de Música Victoria Eugenia , Spain with Gloria Medina Luque. He has taken part in many masterclasses with several renown guitarists, such as: Miguel Angel Jiménez, Sven Lundestad, Arturo Tallini, Remi Bouchér, Johan Fostier, Frederik Munk Larsen, Gerhard Reichenbach, Jesper Sivebæk and Eduardo Fernandez.

At the moment, he is studying in the Masters programme for Classical Guitar in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with Heiki Mätlik. He is also working as guitar teacher in Saku Music School. Siim is active as both solo and chamber musician and has played concerts all over Estonia and several European countries.